Zimbabwe Partnership


Zimbabwe Partnership


Zimbabwe Partnership – Synod of Harare

On a warm, breezy October afternoon in 2010 at the Rock Haven Retreat Center outside Harare, leaders from MAPC and the Synod of Harare entered into an innovative partnership agreement, witnessed joyfully by close to 1,000 members from the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) who came from across the country for this momentous occasion. The purpose of this partnership is to strengthen the ministry and discipleship of both the Synod of Harare and MAPC.



Since 2007, we have arranged a series of exchange visits between MAPC members and our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Synod of Harare, which has 21 congregations throughout Zimbabwe. After much prayer, dialogue and discernment and following a unique partnership exploration process under the guidance of the PCUSA’s mission co-workers in Southeastern Africa, MAPC and the Synod of Harare came to understand that God is calling us into this partnership in order to strengthen our respective ministries and discipleship.

Partnership Activities

The partnership between MAPC and the 21 congregations in Harare Synod CCAP calls us to exchange annual visits and to pray daily for each other. MAPC also will provide organizational and technical support for ministry in Harare Synod, and Harare Synod will send a pastor to be in residence here at MAPC in the fall of the year. We are also exploring various ways to engage the youth and children of both church entities. By visiting each other regularly, sharing faith experiences, teaching and learning from each other, and exchanging ideas and resources, both MAPC and Harare Synod will, with the help of the Spirit, become more effective in ministry and discipleship.

MAPC and the Synod of Harare have worked hard to make this a two-way partnership in which each learns from and benefits from the work of the other.  MAPC has explored congregational follow-up and other activities based upon our partner's practices.  MAPC has offered, also, to our partners church leadership and organizational practices.  We continue to explore together methods that will bless each church body.

MAPC has also had the opportunity to provide funding for building the superstructure of City Church in Harare and for the development of a chicken layers project at Rock Haven camp outside Harare to support the synod's work.