Library Fellowship


Library Fellowship




Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church’s Hood Library began in the 1930s when a group of women formed an early book group—they would read a book together and meet to discuss it, sometimes with the author present. As the group expanded and acquired more books they formed a library, which has grown over the years to include 900 to 1000 books of all kinds:  fiction (including lots of mysteries), biography, history, religion and spirituality, current affairs and a few classics.

As far as we know, the Hood Library is the only one of its kind among churches in the city. The Library Fellowship keeps the collection current--you may find a book here that has a long wait-list at the public library! 

The Hood Library Fellowship members staff the library on Sunday mornings, from September through May. They are happy to welcome you into the Library for conversation and browsing, and to assist you in checking out a book or two. You also may check out books on the honor system whenever you are passing by and the Library is not in use.  Just sign books out following the instructions in the blue notebook on the desk.

The Library Fellowship hosts a book sale in the fall and a literary luncheon in the spring.

Please join us in the Church House Lobby during fellowship hour today to see the wealth of books we have for you—and check out some Spring reading!