Children's Ministries


Children's Ministries

Children's Ministries

During baptism, the MAPC community joins parents in making the pledge to raise our children in the knowledge and love of God. We encourage and enable our young people to participate fully in the life of our church, as well as support parents as they nurture their children physically, socially, and spiritually.

What happens on Sundays?

Children’s Worship

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade, during both Sunday morning worship services 

This interactive worship lesson connects the scripture of the day to a children’s book in order for children to connect their life and faith.

Children's Worship Bags

Your children are always welcome here at MAPC, including worship. To help with that, Children’s Worship Bags are located in the Narthex so that your children can interact with worship. Red bags are for 2nd graders and above. Blue bags are for 1st graders and below. Please use the bag that best suits your children.

Church School

Church School will return in the year 2020.

Fridays for Children

All ages and all families are welcome for our once a month program! In one hour, we offer story time, an activity, organized games, and choir for 1st graders and above. For more information, contact Lissette Perez-Erazo at !


Have an Infant, Toddler, or Preschooler?


Interested in having your child baptized at MAPC? Contact Lissette Perez-Erazo at who will schedule a conversation with one of our pastoral staff to ensure the timing meets the needs of your family.

Sunday Morning Nursery

Sundays 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Church House, 4th Floor

Our professionally staffed nursery enables parents to participate fully in morning worship services and adult Christian education. Parents are provided with a special beeper so that they may be summoned to the Nursery in the event of an emergency.

MAPC Children’s Library

Located behind the receptionist’s office in the Church House, this library also serves as a playroom for children during worship services. Parents may listen to the worship service as children read. In addition to storybooks, you will find books on parenting, Christian parenting, children’s Bibles and more.