Our Staff


J. Patrick Vaughn

Transitional Pastor and Head of Staff

Rev. Beverly A. Bartlett

Associate Pastor for Congregational Lifeoffice: 212-288-8920 x8481

Dr. Andrew E. Henderson

Director of Music & Organistoffice: 212-288-8920 x 8489

Chesna Hinkley

Director of Christian Education and Outreach Ministriesoffice: 212-288-8920

Mary W. Huff

Associate Director of Musicoffice: 212-288-8920 x 8492

Laura Graham

Director of MAPC Day Schooloffice: 212-288-8920 x 8469

April Martin

Director of Youth Ministries and Associate for Congregational Engagement

Guillermo Catalan

Facility Supervisoroffice: 212-288-8920 x 8486

Lissette Perez

Office Manageroffice: 212-288-8920 x8485

Adrienne Wing

MAPCDS Associate Director & Director of Exmissionsoffice: 212-288-9638

Jon Rodriguez

Pastoral Resident