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The Highlights of the November Session Meeting

12.07.17 | News | by The Pastoral Staff

    Highlights of the November Session Meeting

    The Session met in regular meeting on November 28, 2017. This was an extensive and lengthy meeting, as the Ad Hoc Financial Committee, which was formed in May, made its report and recommendations for the 2018 budget. After a thorough discussion, the Session adopted four of the five recommendations. All of these recommendations involved cuts of various sorts. A fifth motion was tabled in order to study its implications further. The committee was tasked with bringing future expenditures in line with expected income, in order that the endowment remain sturdy and not be depleted. They were sensitive  both to budget issues and the impact on programs. These recommendations will go to the Budget Committee who will use them to propose a 2018 budget. The details of that budget will be made known to the congregation when the process is completed. In additional business, the Session also approved two recommendations to go to the congregation for changing the by-laws: first, to reduce the size of the session from 18 to 15, the trustees from 15 to 12, and the deacons from 30 to 24; second, to require that all officers make at least 60% of the year's scheduled meetings, or have excused absences. Finally, Personnel was charged with forming a search committee to replace Richard Frey upon his announced retirement at the end of May 2018.