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The Wise Ones From the East

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An update from the TEEZ blog to keep our ministries connected:

The training team has just returned from Eastern Province.  We trained tutors in Lundazi and Chipata, and we had a meeting with previously trained tutors in Katete to check in and see how the ministry of TEEZ is moving forward.  Our tutors are the hands and feet of the organization, the ones who make our vision a reality.  Since we the training team can only visit each province about once a year, it is the tutors who truly EXTEND the education.  They are the ones who make the material and learning environment CONTEXTUAL and allow for our courses to be cost-effective for all.


Newly Trained Tutors in Lundazi

In the mountainous wonderland of Eastern Province we were thrilled to train tutors from the Anglican Church, the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, the Reformed Church in Zambia, and the United Church of Zambia.  Ecumenicity is central to TEEZ’s identity and mission, and the churches in Lundazi, Chipata, and Katete have given us great hope.  In these districts our member churches are experiencing life together, even having joint worship services.  They may even do so for TEEZ Sunday, which is this week.  It seems that there is an ecumenical renaissance of sorts being brought to us by the wise ones from the East!


Newly Trained Tutors in Chipata

We pray that your preparations for TEEZ Sunday are going well.  26th June is this very week.  TEEZ tutors and students across the country will be leading services.  They will raise awareness about TEEZ, practice the gifts they have been honing through their courses, and raise funds for the continued vitality of our mission.  If you have scheduling conflicts this coming Sunday, rest assured!  Your congregation can reschedule for another date within the next couple of months.  It is much more important THAT it happens rather than WHEN it happens.

Blessings to all of our readers!  If you would like to participate in TEEZ Sunday even from places across the globe, send us an email at for materials.

Posted June 20, 2016


Being planted in the rich soils of Zambia to inspire regrowth at home. “Other seed fell on good soil and bore fruit” -Matthew 13:8