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Recent Happenings in Kitwe

Here are some recent pictures that tell about our life in the past few weeks in Kitwe. We tried to get this post up last week, but had some technical difficulties. Currently, we are teaching in the Eastern Province and are enjoying learning about another part of Zambia. Last week we were able to watch the NCAA basketball tournament because our guest house had satellite TV! As many of you know this tournament is our favorite part of the year and we were VERY excited to get to watch the games! We will post more pictures and updates about this trip when we return, but for now enjoy some recent photos from Kitwe.

Brent was able to preach at our colleague Reverend Chimfwembe’s church, Kampinfsa United Church of Zambia Congregation, a few Sundays ago. Rev. Chimfwembwe translated which is always entertaining and a bit of a mystery since we don’t understand his Bembe translation. 

Last Sunday, we attended Living Water, a Pentecostal congregation, with our friend Esther. I got to hold this cute baby for over half of the service which was a real treat! 

Often times Zambian babies cry when I hold them – they are afraid of Musungus (white people). However, this cute little guy seemed fascinated by my white skin and was content to just play with my hands. 

We recently helped our housekeeper, Charity, and her family build a chicken coup so they can begin raising and selling chickens. Here is a picture of the finished product which we were very impressed with. 

We continue to spend quite a bit of time with the neighbor kids. In this picture I am holding Kaunda and Benja while I quiz Lombe, Mwewa and Miriam on their math skills. They did quite well and loved the exercise, so much so that they started yelling out the answers as loud as they could!

This is one my favorite pictures. These little boys Kaunda Wiza, and Benja love to sit on our door step and read, color or watch while we cook dinner.

International Women’s Day, celebrated this year on March, 8, is a national holiday in Zambia and widely celebrated. There were parades, speakers, bands, dancers and festivities all across the country. Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation and Copperstone University celebrated the day with a basketball game played just up the street from our house. The scene was lively and complete with a band to which many danced and sang. 

Posted March 23, 2010
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