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Kids' Club

If you would like to enroll your child in Kids' Club 2014-2015, please visit our Registration Information Page.

Kids’ Club on Wednesday afternoons is for children in kindergarten through 5th grade. Every Wednesday from late September to mid-May, we gather at Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church (MAPC) for a special afternoon of singing, learning the Bible, building friendships and playing games. Kids’ Club at MAPC is one of the ways the congregation fulfills its promise at baptism to raise the children of this community in the knowledge and love of God.

The Kids’ Club program is made up of three key components that serve to help children achieve a firm foundation of faith and strong relationships with one another that will last throughout their lives:


Taught by MAPC pastoral staff, the educational program at MAPC reflects our serious commitment to providing a solid theological foundation for our children. Our education program is designed not only to nurture our children’s personal faith, allowing them to grow up secure in the knowledge of a God who loves them, but also inspires them to become peacemakers who care passionately about the welfare of our world.

Choir Program

The Kids’ Club choir program is under the direction and leadership of Mary Huff, our Associate Director of Music. Dr. Andrew Henderson, the Director of Music at MAPC, also conducts, accompanies, and teaches our Kids’ Club choirs. During the course of the year, the Children’s and Cherub Choirs are regularly invited to sing at MAPC Sunday morning services and perform at holiday events.

The sacred music repertoire of the Children’s Choir encompasses a wide range of choral literature for young voices, including the works of classical composers, African-American spirituals, traditional and modern hymnody and newly composed works. The children learn the fundamentals of reading music notation, practice healthy vocal technique, and experience the joys of singing together in a nurturing and challenging environment. Younger children in the Cherub Choir enjoy activities that include vocal exploration, rhythmic play, simple and partner songs, and healthy beginning vocal instruction. Participation in these choirs has proved to be a wonderful way for children to learn to enjoy and appreciate corporate worship.

View a gallery of kids participating in the Children's Choir.

Please note preschoolers in our Wee Kids classes do not participate in the choir program, but do have a music component to their class.


At MAPC, we believe that it is important to foster strong relationships with one another in our community, beginning with our youngest members! Our recreation program, which features both structured and unstructured times, gives kids opportunities for play, teamwork, and lots of fun.

One of the special features of Kids’ Club is our weekly Family Dinner, which begins this year at 5:30 pm. Parents, siblings, and guests are invited to join the children, pastors, and staff during this meal. Family Dinners will also often include special presentations and events drawing Kids’ Club into the greater MAPC community. This is a great way for families to get to know one another, and to interact with the teachers and volunteers on a more personal level. We strongly encourage all parents to participate as often as possible!

Ways You Can Serve

Kids’ Club depends upon the participation of our parents to make this program a success. Come once, or come on a regular basis throughout the year!

You can serve in the following ways:

  • Bible Study assistant teachers
  • Recreation leaders and supervisors
  • Supervise choir rehearsals on Sunday performance days
  • Help plan our special events, such as our Christmas pageant
  • Plan a special meal theme or event for our Family Dinners
Kids' Club
Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church  •  October 7
Kids' Club Youth Leaders
Youth Lounge  •  October 7
Children's Choir Rehearsal
Choir Room  •  October 7
Wee Kids
Infant Nursery - Fourth Floor Phillips Building  •  October 7
Kids' Club
Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church  •  October 14
Kids' Club Youth Leaders
Youth Lounge  •  October 14
Children's Choir Rehearsal
Choir Room  •  October 14
Wee Kids
Infant Nursery - Fourth Floor Phillips Building  •  October 14
Kids' Club
Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church  •  October 21
Kids' Club Youth Leaders
Youth Lounge  •  October 21

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