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The Rev. Dr. Richard W. Shoup

Pastoral Counselor

Dr. Richard W. Shoup is a Presbyterian minister, psychotherapist, and business consultant. A founder of the groundbreaking Vocare Group (which offers seminars on career transformation from a spiritual perspective), Dr. Shoup is a recognized authority on bringing a new perspective to career transitions and other life change.

Dr. Shoup is head of a counseling center in Westchester County and hosts a cable television talk show on therapeutic issues. He is a graduate of Yale University Divinity School, Union Theological Seminary and the Institutes of Religion and Health. An accomplished speaker (as well as pianist and organist), Dr. Shoup projects great personal warmth and immediate appeal. He is a Fellow in The American Association of Pastoral Counselors and The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Dr. Shoup can be reached at (212) 628-1812 or

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