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Lenten Series 2017

The Rev. Eric O. Springsted, Interim Senior Pastor - February 17, 2017

More and more, we are hearing deep concern about the lack of cohesiveness of American communities, and about their ability to make human life flourish. Much of the blame has been laid at the door of excessive individualism in America, which has only been sharpened by our economics, and a post-modern dismissal of common narratives. How does this affect the Chuch? What kind of Community are we to be as the body of Christ? Do we have anything to offer to the society in which we exist? These are the questions we will raise and discuss during this Lenten Study Series, entitled "Individuals and Communities: Jesus Christ, His Church, and How We Live Together" led by Dr. Springsted.

In a career of teaching and ministry, Dr. Springsted has been deeply concerned with how communities are formed and how they form us.  He has written and lectured on the topic for over three decades.

Join us in the Parish Hall pm Wendesdays during Lent, beginning at 7 pm, for lectures and discussions focused on this theme during our Lenten Series.  Everybody is welcome to as many sessions as she or he can attend.  People are invited to "brown bag" for supper, and can come as early as 6:30 pm.  Beverages will be provided.

March 8: American Individualism and the American Community

March 15: The Community of the Beloved Disciple: An Examination of the Gospel of John

March 22: Individuals and Community in St. Augustine and John Calvin

March 29: Christ and Contemporary Culture

April 5: The Church's Choices, the Church's Gifts: Forming the Lonely into Communities of Holy Purpose

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