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Abusa Joseph Juma at MAPC

The Rev. Dr. Fred R. Anderson - October 1, 2012

Zimbabwean Pastor-in-Residence, Joseph Juma, Arrives October 2

On Tuesday, October 2, Abusa Joseph Juma, former moderator of the Synod of Harare and longtime CCAP pastor at several congregations in Zimbabwe, will arrive here at MAPC for an 8-week residency period. He is the second Pastor-in-Residence, after Abusa Galanti, who was with us last fall. This is one of the major benefits of the partnership agreement with the Synod of Harare, which was signed in October, 2010!

Abusa Juma will take part in all aspects of our life here at MAPC. He will participate in committee meetings and ministry programs, and will help lead worship on a regular basis. He will have an office on the 7th Floor, and will live in the 10th Floor one-bedroom apartment in the Church House. If you would like to invite Abusa Juma to lunch or dinner, or take him on other outings, please contact Arabel Bello at She will coordinate his schedule.

You will also want to be sure to attend the events Abusa Juma will lead here at MAPC, including:

  • Women’s Monday Evening Bible Study – 10/22 & 11/26
  • Men’s Monday Morning Bible Study – weekly 10/15-11/26
  • Sunday Morning Lectionary Bible Study – 11/4 & 11/11
  • Preaching – All 3 services on 10/28 and 11/25 (9 am, 11:15 am & 7:30 pm)

As was the case last year with Aston Galanti, our first Pastor-in-Residence, we are indeed blessed to have such an experienced and inspiring pastoral leader be ministering among us here at MAPC this fall. We encourage all to take advantage of this terrific opportunity to get to know him and let him help us all grow in our faith, even as he learns from us.

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Fred Anderson and Joseph Juma in Zimbabwe

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